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Since 1999, Suntech has provided its customers with creative and effective graphics solutions designed to make their work stand above the rest. Now Suntech expands with Suntech-Support, an Information Technology department to better meet the needs of customers having all kinds of technical issues. The Objective of Suntech is to reduce your downtime by quickly resolving your IT issues and needs



On-Site Computer Service

Suntech-Support will take care of all your computer repair needs. Our technicians are very bright as they all have college degrees. They will be at your residence or business on time and take care of the issue right away.

In-House Computer Service

Suntech-Support will repair computers of all brands. We also provide a complete preventative maintenance check on all units to insure proper performance.

Pick-up & Delivery Service

We’ll pick up your failed computer and bring it back running in no time.

Computer Upgrade

Upgrading to a new operating system? Adding additional software programs? Adding a new Hard Drive, more RAM, or a CD/DVD Drive? For Suntech-Support that’s a piece of cake. We’ll give you rapid service on upgrades. We will happily advice you on a new system when your considering a replacement computer. We do no sell computers so you can be confident that the computer recommended is based on what you exactly need.

Network Devices Service

Our technicians are pros at setting up an entire new network. We will design a wired or wireless network and also do cabling, installation of modems, routers, hubs, and switches. SuntechSupport technicians are fully acquainted with the knowledge of server operating systems and their components.

Virus and Spyware Removal

One word….EW! No one wants either of these in their computer or network. We’ll remove any virus, adware or spyware your system might have and make sure your protected.

Operating System Troubleshooting

Operating systems are likely to act up if something didn’t go right when you tried to upgrade or add a new software/hardware product. Blue screens and error messages can be scary. We’ll be glad to take care of them for you. We’ll even reinstall the operating system and restore all the data to its current location.

Printer Service

Need a new printer? More ink? Need help installing one? Just call us!

Data Backup, Recovery, and Transfer

Suntech-Support understands how valuable data can be whether it’s personal or business related. Loss of Data can occur as a result of malware, human error, power failures, fire, water damage, hardware malfunctions, and not least, theft. To minimize loss of data, we will configure a backup plan for you and assist you with the proper equipment. If you’ve had a devastating experience of lost your data, we are likely to recover lost or damage data. Our technicians will also advise you on taking the correct steps in backup your data and preventing data loss in the future.

Computer Training

One-on-one computer training sessions are available at your premises. We’ll teach you the ins and outs of computer systems and web browsing.

Call us today at (510)432-8711  e.mail. info@suntechgraphics.com